Q: What shade is the darkest I can go legally?

A: On coupes, sedans, and convertibles the darkest you can go on any window is 32%, except the windshield. On trucks, vans, and SUVs, the legal limit is 32% on the front driver and passenger side. You may tint the back windows any shade. (State of Georgia ONLY)

Q: Do you really get what you pay for?

A: Yes. Just like anything else, there are high quality products and low quality products. Same goes for installation quality. We only carry the highest quality films to ensure a high grade installation. 

Q: Does the tint go on the inside?

A: Yes, always. 

Q: Does your tint fade?

A: No, the type of film we carry cannot fade. That is because our window film manufacturer uses nano-carbon technology to darken the film, not traditional dye. 

Q: My rear windows are already tinted from the factory. Do I need those done too?

A: If you want to achieve maximum IR heat and UV ray protection, yes. Factory tint is only colored glass, it does not provide the IR and UV protection that our window film does.

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